Running Kubernetes 1.10 using MiniKube on Windows 10 (adding kubectl and helm/tiller)

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Some quick steps to get Minikube for K8S 1.10 up and running on Windows 10 (presuming VirtualBox has already been installed)

Download kubectl binary from: 


Copy kubectl.exe to any directory of your liking; add that directory to the PATH environment variable.



Download minikube from 


Download the minikube-windows-amd64.exe file, rename it to minikube.exe and add it to the same directory as the kubectl.exe file – or to any other directory included in the PATH variable.


Follow Quick start instructions: 

minikube start

Some downloading will take place:


And after a little while, the minikube cluster is started in VirtualBox:


At this point, we start running a Pod – then exposing it and finally accessing it:

kubectl run hello-minikube – –port=8080

kubectl expose deployment hello-minikube –type=NodePort

inspect Pod:

kubectl get pod

inspect service:


Retrieve the IP address for the Minikube cluster:

minikube ip


Now access the service running inside Kubernetes from the browser running on the host laptop machine:


And with that, Kubernetes is set up and ready for business.

Open the dashboard:


and the browser will show:


One additional step: installation of Helm in Minikube – based on this article: 

Download the latest version of the compressed executable from the Helm github site,


Click the windows link and it should download to your computer.


Extract file helm.exe in folder windows-amd64 inside the archive to – for example – C:\Apps\kubernetes – a directory in the PATH variable


Now we can run Helm from the command line:


and install the server side component – Tiller – into minikube:

helm init


Visit the KubeApps site,, to see what helm charts are currently available and instructions on how to install them.

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