JHeadstart Recipe for Display Only Boilerplate List of Value base items (release 9.0.5.x)

Lucas Jellema

During this week’s JHeadstart workshop it turned out that our recipe for Display Only LOV fields did not support JHeadstart 10g (release 9.0.5.x). I have changed the recipe to also support this release. The recipe changes the disabled text-input fields into boilerplate text, which is much prettier.
The updated recipe can found here: RecipeforReadonlyLOVDisplayLabels.
In pages where an LOV (List of Values) is generated, the field on which the LOV is specified typically is read-only: the only way to define a value for that field is through the LOV. Currently, the generated field is a disabled HTML Form Text item. However, it would be preferable (at least from an aesthetical point of view) in many circumstances to simply display text instead of a non-enterable/non-navigable Form Item.

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