The curious case of the blank plugin page in OEM13c oem13c plugin

The curious case of the blank plugin page in OEM13c

After an upgrade of Oracle Enterprise Manager from to 13.2, I wanted to deploy  a new version of the plugin oracle.sysman.db. Downloaded the new version and got to the plugin-management page to apply the patch. But all I got was a blank page. Cost me quite a while to figure out what the – almost humiliating – workaround / solution eventually was.

Which page am I talking about:  Setup—> Extensibility –> Plug-ins.


And the blank page appears.


But.. it could be Microsoft Explorer.


Tried it in Firefox:


Had no Google Chrome to test it out (working in a Citrix client environment, can’t install stuff ).

Examined the html-page source: there is some content, but nothing is shown. Checked the enablement of Java script (unlikely cause, rest is working.  Put the browsers in compatibility mode (yes it can): didn’t help either.

Googled, searched My Oracle Support and the community, got 1 good hit, no solution.

Took too much time, back to the command-line for deploying my plugin.

So, checked the plugins through EMCLI.

$ ./emcli list_plugins_on_server
OMS name is <server>:4889_Management_Service
Plug-in Name                                 Plugin-id                     Version [revision]

Oracle Database Appliance                    oracle.dba.odba     
Oracle Cloud Framework                       oracle.sysman.cfw   
Oracle Database                              oracle.sysman.db    
Oracle Fusion Middleware                     oracle.sysman.emas  
Systems Infrastructure                 
Oracle Exadata                               oracle.sysman.xa    

Deployed the plugin by first exporting the config, deploy the plugin, checked the status (requires downtime):

./emctl exportconfig oms -sysman_pwd “Oracle123#” -dir /home/oracle/job
./emcli deploy_plugin_on_server -plugin=”oracle.sysman.db:″ -repo_backup_taken
./emcli get_plugin_deployment_status -plugin=oracle.sysman.db

So, I moved on, but it really bothers me, back to the browser… must be the browser…

And really, astonished is the right word I think: when zooming out (ctrl – scrolling wheel), the following appears:


Pulled the bar down, scrolled back to the original format, and voilà:


Worked for both browsers. Incredible simple workaround in the end, quite an unexpected feature….