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Last week I have been investigating the XML DB basic demo at OTN (http://www.oracle.com/technology/tech/xml/xmldb/, Downloadable Demo). Unfortunately there is also a similar but older demo at http://www.oracle.com/technology/sample_code/tech/xml/xmldb/index.html (Oracle9i R2 XML DB Demonstration).

The demo shows a lot of XML DB stuff. It is quite comprehensive with a few installation quirks. Those quirks may have been caused by using a brand new Windows XP laptop and an Oracle 10g database.


Follow the instructions in the basicDemo.pdf with the following remarks:

  1. The HTTP page for the Microsoft XML parser has been moved to http://msdn.microsoft.com/XML/XMLDownloads/default.aspx.
  2. Modify the script install.vbs to replace the following lines.
    If not isNULL(iconPath) then
      oShellLink.IconLocation = iconPath
    End if


    If not isNULL(iconPath) then
      If (iconPath <> "") then
        oShellLink.IconLocation = iconPath
      End if
    End if
  3. Unlock the Oracle scott account:
    alter user scott account unlock;
  4. Grant unlimited access on the default tablespace for scott:
    alter user scott quota unlimited on users;
  5. OracleSID in installParameters.xml is actually the TNS entry and not the ORACLE SID.
  6. Be sure to execute step 0.2 (Reset Demo)!


All examples run without any problems. The demo describes the following features of XML DB:

  • Storage of structured (XML schema) documents as well as non structured documents.
  • Access to the database via Internet Explorer (using the Webdav protocol).
  • Editing XML documents using Microsoft Word (using the Webdav protocol).
  • XPath, SQL and Oracle Text access.
  • XML stylesheet transformations (XSLT).


I think every Oracle developer/architect should run the demo. It gives a good overview of XML DB which enables developers/architects to decide whether XML DB can be useful in their projects. For me XML DB seems not only useful for storing XML but also for (simple) management content systems due to the support of the WEBDAV and FTP protocols.

6 thoughts on “XML DB basic demo experience

  1. I clicked on the 0.1 (initial setup) and 0.2 (reset demo) icons in the folder created in my desktop. But both of them prompt
    user name and password (entered scott/tiger) and nothing happened Are any scripts are associated with those icons?

  2. Hello,

    Thanks sooo much for your comments. I was running into the same errors.

    One question to you if I may ask. How do you evaluate XML DB performance wise?

  3. I am also using 10g and had the comple problem. I used your code fix, and now it works.
    Thanks so much!

  4. How did you get the xdb.xdb_configuration
    package to compile ? am also using a 10g db on xp and am getting
    comiplation errs on this package ,, however sho err doesn not show
    what the error is !

  5. I tried this demo on my 10 g db in my laptop.
    I could not get to compile the xdb.xdb_configuration pkg .
    Sho err doesnt shows no errors ! Not sure whats going on

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