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The world wide ADF community – convenes in the Oracle Wiki, develops the ADF methodology and meets at Oracle Open World

Oracle’s ADF framework is used by many organizations around the world. The largest of these obviously is Oracle’s own development team – of which thousands of developers have been trained in and are developing with ADF. Outside Oracle, again thousands of developers are creating advanced Web Applications using the ADF technology stack. Several dozens of these developers do not just develop with ADF, they investigate, extract best practices and try to share their experiences. They do that for example by participating in threads on OTN, presenting on various user group gatherings and conferences, publishing articles on their weblogs and pestering Oracle staff with their comments, criticism and suggestions. Thanks to the initiative of Oracle ACE Director Chris Muir, these ADF have joined forces.

ADF Methodology and the Oracle Wiki

Chris started an area in the Oracle Wiki where an ADF Methodology is being developed. We try to decide on the structure for the methodology: what are the areas and phases in ADF projects, what are the topics and within those what challenges do we face, what choices must be made and what questions need to be answered. Based on all the experience gathered over the past few years, we will try to come up with the guidelines and best practices. Note that I say ‘we’ but that might very well include you. If you have ADF experience that you want to share with other ADF developers (to be), please join in on the Wiki and add your thoughts.

Discussions and the Google Group

We use a Google Group – ADF Methodology Google Group – to discuss topics around ADF and how to approach the contents and structure of the methodology. You are welcome to monitor whatever goes on in the Group and to join in – add your two cents (or more) to the discussions and help us move the initiative forward. Some recent topics in the Group (which eventually are summarized and result in conclusions/decisions on the Wiki pages) include “ADF and the Fat Database” (dealing with a database full of business logic or deciding on where to put business logic in the first place), “Why and When to adopt ADF”, “Testing of ADF Applications” and on ADF 11g: “Task Flows and organization of Application (Workspaces)”.

ADF Methodology Live on Oracle Open World – Wednesday 24th September 9:00am – 10:30am

Opportunities for cyber communities to meet in the flesh are fairly rare. Yet they can be very valuable. Therefore, we are very happy to stage an event during the Oracle Open World 2008 conference – or more specifically, the UnConference. This session will be held Wednesday 24th September 9:00am – 10:30am. See the agenda for a rough outline of what we consider doing at this event. Note that the main objective will be to meet each other, brainstorm on how to proceed and perhaps draft some timelines or schedule. Most of the work on the ADF Methodology will take place in cyberspace.  You are more than welcome to attend this session and perhaps contribute your own suggestions or just to meet some of the ADF ‘faces’ that go with the names you so often see in blogs and other publications. If you intend to attend, please leave your name in the registration page on the Oracle Wiki. (if you take a look at that page, you will find of the names of the members of this ADF community).