The Oracle Olympics image

The Oracle Olympics

imageWhile watching the London 2012 Olympic Games I was envious at this energetic event with many different areas, people from all over the world and intense exchanges from early in the morning until fairly late at night that is omnipresent in a world city.

Then I realized that I am also part of an international event with participants from all over the world that come together to have interesting exchanges as well as celebrations. It is called Oracle Open World and once every year it takes over San Francisco. It does not have an opening ceremony with Mr. Bean but its closing ceremony – the appreciation event – is certainly spectacular. It does not have as many countries represented – unfortunately. It does not have the notion of competition and the awarding of medals but it does have different topics (streams) and various types of events – from keynotes to birds of a feather sessions. And the distinction between speakers and non-speaking attendees is far smaller than the distance at the Olympics between contestants and spectators.

In addition to the great discussions and exchanges of experience regarding use of Oracle technology, Oracle Open World has given me great opportunities to meet people from many different cultures – from all other the world.


To learn about life in countries far removed from my own (The Netherlands). It is interesting, almost inspiring, to learn how alike my counterparts in these other continents are to me. In what is important to them, how they live their lives, how they look at the world etc. It seems that the something very akin to the Olympic spirit is present at Oracle Open World. Something I truly appreciate.