Starting WebLogic managed servers without providing username and password manually – SOA Suite 11g tip

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After installing the Oracle SOA suite 11g, you will notice that you have to enter username and password  for each managed server during startup and shutdown. This in contrary to the administration server where you don’t need to enter username and password at startup. I was wondering if there was an easy way of skipping this manual step for the managed servers as well.

And yes, there is an easy and elegant way to prevent entering credentials every startup and shutdown. Just follow these steps:

1 Create a file.
Create a plain text file called with the following content:

2 Place the file in the security directory.
Save or copy this file in the security directory under the managed server root directory. This directory was not created at installation time, so I had to create it myself. The server root directory is located at <middleware_home>\user_projects\<domain>\<managed_server> i.e. D:\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\servers\bam_server1.

3 Start the managed server.
The server will read the credentials from the file and in case of plain text username and password the server encrypt the username and password. Notice the following lines in the output:
<Sep 23, 2009 10:51:25 PM CEST> <Notice> <Security> <BEA-090082> <Security initializing using security realm myrealm.>
<Sep 23, 2009 10:51:25 PM CEST> <Notice> <Security> <BEA-090083> <Storing boot identity in the file: D:\Middleware\user_projects\domains\base_domain\servers\bam_server1\security\>

The file is still plain text with the username and password values encrypted. Do no copy the encrypted version between managed servers. Even when the credentials are the same, the resulting file is different.

For more information and alternatieve solutions see  Creating Boot Identity Files for Managed Servers.

7 thoughts on “Starting WebLogic managed servers without providing username and password manually – SOA Suite 11g tip

  1. I have my application specific properties file( I deployed my apln into weblogic 11g in managed server.The deployment is successfull. But when i try to access the apln, it is giving the exception  ” (No such file or directory) “. The same is working in AdminSer. Where i have to place application specific properties file in managed server.


  2. Thanks Jorrit!
    As Pete in the comments mentioned, I created a directory called security under my Managed Server home and then it worked.  Thanks, Pete!!!

  3. hi,
    can i start managed server without passing server name (set default soa_server1)?
    is there any way to start default managed server (soa_server1 as default)

  4. This location has now become unsupported and the default location has changed to
    In most instances you will need to create the security directory

  5. How did you create the BPEL server? I used the script (yes, with GUI 😉 ) that creates a WLS domain for you. This configured the boot credentials automatically.

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