SOA Suite 11g Handbook – Chapter Complements

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After struggling a bit with various infrastructures that kept falling down (Oracle Wiki, Google Groups) I hope to have found a more stable environment to publish the resources that complement the SOA Suite 11g Handbook (Oracle Press, 2010).

SOA Suite 11g Handbook – Chapter Complements

Part One: Introducing SOA, St Matthews and the Oracle SOA Suite

Chapter 1: no chapter complement

Chapter 2: no chapter complement

Chapter 3:  SOA_CH03_ChapterComplement_May2010

Part Two: Developing SOA composite applications

Chapter 4:no chapter complement |  Chapter4_sources

Chapter 5: Complete Complement | Chapter5_sources | patientDatabaseSetup

Chapter 6: Part One, Part Two, Part Three | Chapter6_PatientAppointmentService_sources

Chapter 7: PartOne , PartTwo | Chapter7Sources

Chapter 8: Complete Complement. | Chapter8_sources

Chapter 9: Complete Complement. | Chapter9_sources

Chapter 10: Complete Complement. | Chapter10_sources

Chapter 11: Complete Complement. |Chapter11_sources

Chapter 12: Complete Complement. | Chapter12_sources

Chapter 13: Complete Complement. | Chapter13_sources

Chapter 14: no chapter complement | Chapter14_sources

Part Three: Administration, Security, and Governance

Chapter 15: Complete Complement

Chapter 16: Complete Complement

Chapter 17: no chapter complement

Chapter 18: Complete Complement

Part Four: Beyond the Basics

Chapter 19: Part One, Part Two

Chapter 20: Part One, Part Two

Chapter 21: no chapter complement


Appendix A: Complete Appendix

Appendix B: Complete Appendix

Appendix C: Complete Appendix

Also see: for online appendices and chapter complements.

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5 thoughts on “SOA Suite 11g Handbook – Chapter Complements

  1. I also cannot find the PatientsDatabaseSetup.sql file.
    I created the schema & user myself. Please find below the commands:
    CREATE USER patients_mgt IDENTIFIED BY oracle

    CREATE ROLE conn;

    GRANT CREATE session, CREATE table, CREATE view,
    CREATE procedure,CREATE synonym,
    ALTER ANY table, ALTER ANY procedure,
    DROP ANY table, DROP ANY view, DROP ANY procedure,DROP ANY synonym
    TO conn
    with admin option;

    GRANT conn TO patients_mgt;

    GRANT DBA TO patients_mgt;

  2. Lucas,
    How ever i try the chapter – 6  to set the correlation identifier it does not work. the error is below, i verified the code against your code and several other code from internet and code looks good to me. (though yours code is developed sometime back and i am on version). any help is apreciated
    Correlation set “appointmentIdentifierSet” is not initialized. It cannot be used in a receiving activity. Fault is thrown.


  3. can you please post PatientsDatabaseSetup.sql in this site, i am unable to find it in google groups either

  4. Where can i find the PatientsDatabaseSetup.sql for the example in the book? can you please provide the link, could not find it in the apendix

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