(Slides for) Instant Agility in Oracle Fusion Middleware through Design Time @ Run Time (Oracle Open World 2011)

Lucas Jellema

Agility is about ability to adapt. Enterprises need to quickly respond to changing circumstances and requirements. Agility is a state of mind (“embrace change”) that must be supported by process and technology. This session will demonstrate how Fusion Middleware provides a substantial dose of instant agility through its design time @ run time facilities. Application Management evolves into Application Composition as BPM and SOA Suite applications allow run time editing of business logic, human tasks and process definitions. Likewise, ADF applications, especially when integrated with UCM and WebCenter, support run time editing of content, page composition and even security, data sources and visualizations – even customized per user group.

This presentation introduces the concept of Design Time at Run Time, the benefits it may offers and the consequences it may (or will) have on an organization. The various run time edit hooks are discussed as well as the underlying architecture based on MDS and the future roadmap.

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