QNXO – Tool for High Quality, high productivity PL/SQL Development

Lucas Jellema

During one of Steven Feuerstein’s presentations at the ODTUG 2004 conference, he demonstrated his new tool call QNXO (pka SWYG). This tool promises higher quality, higher producvity for PL/SQL Developers, primarily through an active knowledge base, code templates and code generators. From the website: “Qnxo is active mentoring software. This means that it is acts as both a repository for domain expertise and a mechanism for delivering that expertise to you in a rapid, intuitive manner. Qnxo participates actively in your software development process by transforming passive information into active chunks of code you can use directly in your applications. ”

Steven Feuerstein is known as the expert on PL/SQL and QNXO seems to be useful if only for the collection of his best practices it presents. Certainly worth looking into. Probably a good topic for a KC meeting.

More on QNXO on the website www.qnxo.com; here you can register as beta-user/tester and download the software. The 1.0 release will be a licensed, paid-for product though.

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