OWB 10g R2Changing the repositories password disables the Control Center

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If you change the password of the repository owner in Oracle Warehouse Builder 10g Release 2, the Control Center Service will fail to start. It is unusual that Oracle stores the Control Centers password in the database. When you alter the repositories password, Oracle should have arranged for the Control Centers password to be changed automatically as well.

What is a Control Center Service? It is the component that enables you to register locations and deploy from the Control Center Manager, and the ability to execute ETL mappings and process flows.

Should you decide to change the repositories password, don’t forget to execute the following scripts:

  • If the Control Center is currently running you need to stop it by running the script: <owb home>/owb/rtp/sql/stop_service.sql
  • To change the password in the Control Center execute the script:
    <owb home>/owb/rtp/sql/set_repository_password.sql. When running the script you are prompted with the following prompt in SQL*Plus: “Enter value for 1:”.All you need to enter is the new password.
  • Finally restart the Control Center by running the script:
    <owb home>/owb/rtp/sql/start_service.sql


3 thoughts on “OWB 10g R2Changing the repositories password disables the Control Center

  1. Hi

    How did you update SERVER_SIDE_HOME everytime I try changing this column it gets reset

    Can you help please



  2. I wanted to relay my solution for other readers. Had the same problem on 10gR2. Downloaded owbcollect.sql from Oracle. Indicated that client needed utl_file_dir=* in init.ora file. Also indicated that OWBHOME was not identified in column SERVER_SIDE_HOME in table WB_RT_SERVICE_NODES. Once I added the utl_file_dir entry in the init.ora file and updated wb_rt_service_nodes with the correct owbhome, service_doctor ran successfully and the control center starts automatically. Need to be careful, even thought Oracle indicates setting utl_file_dir=*, this can be a security risk/hazard. Could potentially allow users to overwrite sys or datafiles.

  3. Exactly the procedure as is needed for OWB 9.2. It is awkward and should have been changed ages ago. But nothing new under the sun. Although Control Center was named run time service in 9.2.

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