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Oracle Open World 2008 – the show is about to begin – what are this year’s stars?

It’s a very early Sunday morning in San Francisco. Over the past few days, thousands upon thousands of people arrived into the city – all connected to Oracle in some way – many of whom who were not in the least connected to Oracle only a short time ago (BEA comes to mind, among others). Today is the start of Oracle Open World 2008. With 45.000 or more attendees one of the biggest company parties in the world. A sea of red, flooding the city center.

Ever since I got on the plane with dozens of like minded souls and increasingly since I have arrived here in downtown Frisco, the big question was: what will be the major announcement of the show? Where is the spotlight going to shine? Not much gossip seems to have come out of Redwood Shores. And there are no obvious candidates really. 11gR2 is still on the drawing board it seems, the beta program not yet on its way. BEA was acquired some months ago and all plans with regard to BEA were announced in the beginnen of July. There could be another rabbit pulled out of a high hat – like Oracle Enterprise Linux in 2006 and Oracle VM in 2008.

I was talking to two database experts yesterday, and they were a little afraid that with the abundance of news around Oracle Applications, BEA and Fusion Middleware there would hardly be room for the database as a contender for the limelight. At the same time, we have seen the topic of Database Accelerator appear in some of the session titles and descriptions. Perhaps that is the big database news (“shock to the industry”) that apparently some voice have alluded to.

Undoubtedly it is going to be an interesting week – with perhaps some big news, perhaps some confirmations of news already assumed, wild ideas and small gems. We will keep you abreast of the most interesting stories we run into. We is a team of 7 AMIS employees attending the spectacle.

These are some of the topics/areas where I definitely expact to learn this week:

  • Oracle technology stack wide solution for identity management, federation of access control etc.
  • Database Accelerator
  • Announcement of the immediate or imminent (with data!) release of JDeveloper 11g
  • Demonstrations of production ready Fusion Application Modules
  • AIA (Application Integration Architecture)
  • Sneak previews of some 11gR2 database features, hopefully including editions
  • Demonstrations of the first integration efforts between BEA and Oracle Products (Enterprise Repository/WebServicesManager/Enterprise Manager for example)
  • More on CQL – Complex Event Processing
  • More plans for leveraging the Coherence Grid – for SOA, Web Caching, Persistency (JPA) caching, JMS implementation, Data movement?, database load reduction
  • ADF 11g (especially development experience from the Fusion Application development teams)
  • Some clarity with respect to the release of Oracle Application Server 11g and SOA Suite 11g
  • Enterprise 2.0 – WebCenter



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