Oracle Developer days in the BeNeLux – support for Wilfred’s action

Lucas Jellema

I just read Wilfred’s appeal to anyone interested in (free) Oracle Developer Days in The Netherlands on his OraTransplant Weblog: Free Oracle Java Technology Days in the Benelux. How can we not support this proposal. So if you – like ourselves – are interested, make your interest known as comment on Wilfred’s Weblog. He can collect all our responses and send them to the Oracle Product Managers responsible for organizing these days and see whether he can lure them to the Netherlands.

From Wilfred’s Blog: “I just noticed that Grant Ronald  blogged about a couple of forthcoming FREE workshops in 2006 in several countries. They have also been running these workshops last year in a couple of countries. They run two different workshops. One is to introduce J2EE application development to Forms/Designer developers and the other one is on more advanced Java topics covering EJB 3.0 and JSF. I’m just dying to attend these workshops. Unfortunately there are no scheduled dates for the Benelux/Netherlands. If you feel you would benefit from this training as well, please comment to this blog entry. If there is enough interest we can see if we can get Oracle to run something in the Benelux. Last September I attended a free evening session at AMIS about JSF and the turnout was quite large. So, I’m guessing there must be a lot of interest in these subjects from the Benelux region. The Netherlands always had a large number of Forms/Designer users, so come on guys and girls and show you’re interest.”

At AMIS we will have more of the sessions Wilfred’s refers to – on the Oracle WebServices Manager – late January or early February – and on EJB 3.0, JSF and more topics. But of course a large scale event like the Oracle Developer days is a very good idea!

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