Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One – now available.

Raymond de Vries

Last week I noticed that the long awaited Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One was available on e-delivery download site and on Monday (25 June 2007) Oracle officially announced the general availability of Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One.

Oracle Business Intelligence Standard Edition One is based on the Siebel Analytics stack of products and consists of the following products:
• Oracle BI Publisher (XML Publisher)
• Oracle BI Answers (ad hoc reporting and analysis tool)
• Oracle BI Interactive Dashboards
• Oracle BI Server
• Oracle Database 10g Standard Edition One
• Oracle Warehouse Builder

Even though Oracle BI SE One has the same functionality as the Enterprise Edition (“Delivery” being the only product missing in BISE One), its pricing is a fraction that of the Enterprise Edition and the question if BI Publisher would be included in this version has now been answered (according to the Oracle Press Release it is included). What I did find strange was that the BIEE download is 1.1 Gig and BISE One is 3.1 Gig (on e-delivery it consists of 5 CD’s and on OTN it consists of two DVD’s).

At only $1,000 per user (min 5 users and max 50 users) it allows small to medium-sized organizations to get access to one of the worlds best Business Intelligence tools and allowing them too to gain efficiencies in selling to and servicing their customers, managing their financial performance, optimizing their supply chains, and identifying opportunities for growth. Oracle BI SE One is currently only available for the Microsoft Windows platform, not sure if there are plans to make it available for other platforms.


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