Implementing Cell Highlighting in ADF 11g RichTables

Lucas Jellema


The Oracle Technology Network just published my two part series on implementing Cell Highlighting in ADF 11g Rich Faces Table components. The articles describe how you can have the end-user set up rules for assigning background colors to the cells in a column, depending on the value in the cell.

The highlighting can be based on thresholds – for example green for salaries under 1200, red for salaries over 3000 and yellow for salaries in between – or on expressions. The latter allows the user to specify one or more logical conditions, using EL syntax and references to the data attributes used in the table; a color is associated with each conditionthe. The first condition satisfied by a row determines its color. For example condition ‘[job]==’MANAGER’ and [sal] < 4000′ (pink) and another condition ‘[hiredate].month < 7 and [deptno] != 30’ (olive).

The article also gives some interesting examples of using some ADF 11g RichFaces features like Popup, programmatic Partial Page Rendering, embedded (region) Bounded Task Flow with input parameters, programmatic EL evaluation, oh eh… and the Color Picker..

You can find the first article at: The link for Part Two is here. I have created a similar article for ADF 10g using the ‘traditional’ components – I intend to make that available shortly.

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