Forms community event during Oracle Open World: Tuesday, October 2nd - 11.30 AM 20188367001

Forms community event during Oracle Open World: Tuesday, October 2nd – 11.30 AM

Oracle Open World is around the corner – with all the latest about Oracle products. In het hubbub of the latest and greatest, flashiest and news-worthiest, you may not expect Oracle Forms to play a major role. And to be fair: it will not have a major role at OOW. However, Forms is (still) a very important technology for many of Oracle’s customers and (therefore) for Oracle itself. On Tuesday 2nd October, a special Forms community event will take place at Oracle Open World. Under the theme “What should we do with our Oracle Forms  going forward ?“, you are invited to come meet the Oracle Forms product management and worldwide leading Forms experts to answer your burning questions, discuss modernization options and hear  Oracle’s vision for system development moving forward, as well as attend two OOW sessions at the beginning and the end of this event:

11:45 AM ”Give Your Forms a Face-lift: Tips and Tricks for Oracle Forms GUI Modernization” by Mia Urman from OraPlayer

in between – we will have an  “Ask the experts”  Oracle Forms experts panel. Here we will answer questions from the audience with Grant Ronald – Oracle Forms product manager as our moderator and a panel of experts both solution providers and consultants

1:15-2.15 PM “The Future of Forms Is … Oracle Forms (and Friends)” by Lucas Jellema from AMIS

I encourage all Forms developers attending this years Oracle World to sign up for this one of a kind event.  Sign up now !

We attempt to collect questions to be discussed during the panel beforehand (to be even better prepared). Some of the myths and questions that will be addressed:

  • How complex is an upgrade to 11g and how long does it usually take?
  • What licenses do I need to run Forms 11g?
  • What is the upgrade / migration path for my next generation systems?
  • Will Oracle kill Forms? What is happening with Oracle Reports?
  • What does Oracle suggest as my next generation development platform
  • What new features can we expect in 12c?
  • Can I request new features for future versions of Oracle Forms?

Of course you will be able to ask questions on the spot as well.

If your organization has any current investment in Oracle Forms, you will want to attend this special gathering at Oracle Open World!