Case Study: A Case of Fusion Middleware image

Case Study: A Case of Fusion Middleware

The story of NOPERU – the National Organization for Permits for Emissions and Resource Usage – is an interesting one. Because it reveals the business drivers for embarking on a journey of modernization, enterprise architecture and application of SOA principles using Oracle Fusion Middleware. It also outlines a roadmap: which steps were taken to move NOPERU from classic, silo-oriented, distributed (in isolation) and largely paper-based to a modern enterprise – both IT-wise and Business-wise. With 24/7 B2B and B2C interaction, centralized administration, automated processes and almost paperless operations.

The story describes the architecture design and ensuing technology selection as well as the implementation steps. It explains why and how an agile approach was selected for executing software development and maintenance. It also makes clear when and how Oracle technology components such as WebCenter Content, Service Bus, SOA Suite, ADF, Database, WebLogic and BPM Suite were used.

The over-all application architecture transition at NOPERU can be illustrated using the next figure:


From siloed, stand-alone applications with hardly any automated interaction at all to a layered architecture with a lot of reuse of components in various processes. In the lower part of the triangle – the data layer – there is a lot of consolidation and centralization, heavy reuse of enterprise assets and strong Master Data Management. The top part of the triangle has a large variety of fast moving, channel and user-group specific user interfaces (as well as programmatic B2B interfaces) that build on top of the business layer in the middle. In this new world, it is next to impossible and unnecessary to identify applications. Various UI components provide the visible aspect of business processes that are also contributed to by services and data components. Many components play a role in more than one process and should not be considered a part of that process but rather be seen as stand alone and reusable.

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Also see the presentation on Slideshare: .