Another Taste of India– ODevCYatra 2018 image

Another Taste of India– ODevCYatra 2018

July 2018 saw another edition of the Oracle Developers’ tour through India, called Yatra. In just over two weeks, seven cities participated in this tour – with each city hosting a one day mini-conference (three of four parallel tracks).


Organized by many volunteers from the local chapters of the All India Oracle User Group, coordinated by Sai Penumuru Janakiram – who did a really tremendous job – this was another great experience. The Oracle ACE Program/Oracle Developer Community were proud sponsors of the event.


I estimate that in the range of 2000 attendees – perhaps many more? – attended across these seven locations. The range of speakers, topics and sessions was fairly broad – from Exadata to KSQL and from Machine Learning to Buffer Cache Internals. Most speakers are in this picture from the initiation ceremony in Hyderabad:

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Many pictures for all of the seven sites can be downloaded from . This address also hosts the presentations from all sessions. The Tweet Thread for the ODevCYatra: 

My personal best memory is probably from this session on Machine Learning, also in Hyderabad – with standing room only:

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The three different presentations I presented in three different cities can be checked on SlideShare:

* 50 Shades of Data – how, when and why Big,Relational,NoSQL,Elastic,Graph,Event (ODevC Yatra 2018, July, Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai – 

* The Art of Intelligence – Introduction Machine Learning for Oracle professionals –

* Intro to Docker Containers and the Oracle Platform – Database, WebLogic &Cloud –