ADF Gold Nuggets – from Oracle Open World's ADF Enterprise Methodology Group Super Sunday

Lucas Jellema

Sunday 2nd of October 2011 saw, in the prelude to the Oracle Open World conference, the ADF Enterprise Methodology Group’s Super Sunday. Six valuable presentations on planning, designing, building and improving ADF applications by experienced ADF specialists. In front of an audience of over 150.

Interest in ADF seems higher than ever – with an increasing number of organizations starting with BPM, WebCenter or/and ADF proper – and many of them interested in having their approach confirmed as well as finding new and better ways to address certain challenges.

I presented the ADF Gold Nuggets presentations – on valuable yet often unknown or underestimated features and functions in ADF. Going from very small, single property features to large areas and event architectural concepts, I took the audience on a somewhat strange ride – that most seemed to enjoy though. I have put my slides on Slideshare, accessible below.

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