5-day ADF Training in The Netherlands - getting started with ADF BC, JSF, ADF Faces and ADF Model americas cup win 2682133k1

5-day ADF Training in The Netherlands – getting started with ADF BC, JSF, ADF Faces and ADF Model

In the week starting 4th June, AMIS will organize another edition of its five-day ADF Training on the Oracle Application Development Framework. In particular, this training will address:

  • ADF Business Components
  • Java Server Faces
  • ADF Faces
  • ADF Model or Data Binding

The training is targeted at developers with some understanding of HTML/Web Applications and some database (SQL) background. Java skills are useful, but not required. Oracle Forms/Designer developers as well as developers with a different background are welcome.

The training will consist of a lot of hands on workshop and frequent but short periods of theory and demonstration. Of course it provides a lot of practical tips and guidelines, directly derived from the extensive project experience AMIS has built with ADF BC (since 2001), ADF Model (since 2004) and JSF/ADF Faces (starting 2002 with UIX, the predecessor of ADF Faces). After attending this training, developers will be able to start developing ADF based Web Applications. They will have a good foundation to further build knowledge and experience on.

Registration for the training can be done at: http://www.amis.nl/training You will also find more details on subjects and organization.

International Availability

If you are interested in this training
, but cannot come at this date to The Netherlands, there will be more executions scheduled later this year. We also provide on site training – if you are interested in us delivering an ADF training at your site, please send an email to info@amis.nl . If you are interested in acquiring the training materials (workshop, presentation, demos, exercises and solutions, all in English), also please send us an email.

Finally: 13-15 June, we also run the JHeadstart training. While both courses can be attended completely independently, they also fit together very nicely.
If you want to boost productivity of ADF development using JHeadstart, this three-day training that goes into many best practices for JHeadstart, may be exactly what you need. See:http://www.amis.nl/training