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UKOUG Conference Series Technology – E-Business Suite 2009

I got a small request from the UKOUG team if I could be so kind to do a little bit of advertising for the UKOUG conference. The first thing that popped into my “Of course, no problem”.  If you didn’t know, at least that my honest opinion, the UKOUG conference is the best big and diverse conference on this side of the big pond and probably a lot of bloggers can confirm this. This year the UKOUG conference is, as always (at least as I know it), held on the 30th November – 2nd December 2009, ICC, Birmingham.

Besides presenting their twice on cool XMLDB topics , you will be able to learn a lot of in-depth or newbie (the whole range is most of the time available to pick from) about: Performance, PL/SQL or SQL, Security, working solutions from day to day experienced peers, APEX, inner workings of the (Oracle) software, training courses / masterclasses. I won’t be able to fill in my presentation slot during UKOUG this year due to circumstance, but believe me that if you finally make it and are able to claim a presentation slot for the UKOUG conference, a lot of blood, sweat and rigorous judging of peers and the UKOUG board, have been spend to make it the best agenda possible.

In short. Have a look and see if you can make it this year: UKOUG Conference Series Technology & E-Business Suite 2009



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