Getting used to Oracle SQL Developer 20188367001

Getting used to Oracle SQL Developer

 It took a few months, but I finally start appreciating the Oracle
SQL Developer
developed by Oracle (The Project Formerly Known As Raptor).
There are still some bugs, for instance with debugging through a
firewall (hey, didn’t we have the same problem with JDeveloper?) and
some features are missing, but it’s quite usable. Especially when there
is no TOAD or PLSQL/Developer at the site.

I’ve provided a POAQ (Probably Often Asked Questions) here.


I have the latest release of Raptor. Is there any need for an upgrade?

is very advisable. Some bugs are fixed (like not remembering changed
preferences) and the startup speed has improved. You will
loose your saved connections, but you can recover them very easy:
right click "connections",  choose import connections, select <raptor_path>\jdev\system\oracle\\IDEConnections.xml. All connections will be restored.

I don’t like the baby-blue user interface and want a Windows look-and-feel!

 Go to Menu|Tools -> preferences -> Environment -> Look and Feel = Windows

Why are my open tabs replaced when I click on another object?

That is because you need to ‘freeze’ a tab with the red freeze view
button at the left upper hand of the tab (a red pin). You can toggle it
on and off, and when it’s frozen it will not be replaced by another

How do I export query results in SQL Developer? In TOAD this was so straightforward!

It’s straightforward here too once you know where to find it. Click on actions (in the upper right corner, next to the filter field). You can select Export
there and choose CSV, XML, SQL Load or SQL insert. Each option provides
a popup with additional options, like copy to clipboard or file. You
can filter out columns or add a where clause too. Just as you were used
in TOAD!


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