NodeJS – Publish messages to Apache Kafka Topic with random delays to generate sample events based on records in CSV file

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In a recent article I described how to implement a simple Node.JS program that reads and processes records from a delimiter separated file. That is  stepping stone on the way to my real goal: publish a load of messages on a Kafka Topic, based on records in a file, and semi-randomly spread over time.

In this article I will use the stepping stone and extend it:

  • read all records from CSV file into a memory array
  • create a Kafka Client and Producer using Node module kafka-node
  • process one record at a time, and when done schedule the next cycle using setTimeOut with a random delay
  • turn each parsed record into an object and publish the JSON stringified representation to the Kafka Topic


The steps:

1. npm init kafka-node-countries

2. npm install csv-parse –save

3. npm install kafka-node –save

4. Implement KafkaCountryProducer.js


This program reads and parses all lines from csv files countries2.csv into an array (countriesArray) of arrays; each nested array represents a country.
The initial file read is synchronous. The country records are kept in memory.
After the the initial read is performed, a function is invoked to publish a message to Kafka for the first country in the array. This function then uses a time out with a random delay 
to schedule itself to process the next country record in the same way. Depending on how the delays pan out, this program will publish country messages to Kafka every 3 seconds for about 10 minutes.

var fs = require('fs');
var parse = require('csv-parse');

// Kafka configuration
var kafka = require('kafka-node')
var Producer = kafka.Producer
// instantiate client with as connectstring host:port for  the ZooKeeper for the Kafka cluster
var client = new kafka.Client("ubuntu:2181/")

// name of the topic to produce to
var countriesTopic = "countries";

    KeyedMessage = kafka.KeyedMessage,
    producer = new Producer(client),
    km = new KeyedMessage('key', 'message'),
    countryProducerReady = false ;

producer.on('ready', function () {
    console.log("Producer for countries is ready");
    countryProducerReady = true;
producer.on('error', function (err) {
  console.error("Problem with producing Kafka message "+err);

var inputFile='countries2.csv';
var averageDelay = 3000;  // in miliseconds
var spreadInDelay = 2000; // in miliseconds

var countriesArray ;

var parser = parse({delimiter: ';'}, function (err, data) {
    countriesArray = data;
    // when all countries are available,then process the first one
    // note: array element at index 0 contains the row of headers that we should skip

// read the inputFile, feed the contents to the parser

// handle the current coountry record
function handleCountry( currentCountry) {   
    var line = countriesArray[currentCountry];
    var country = { "name" : line[0]
                  , "code" : line[1]
                  , "continent" : line[2]
                  , "population" : line[4]
                  , "size" : line[5]
     // produce country message to Kafka
     // schedule this function to process next country after a random delay of between averageDelay plus or minus spreadInDelay )
     var delay = averageDelay + (Math.random() -0.5) * spreadInDelay;
     //note: use bind to pass in the value for the input parameter currentCountry     
     setTimeout(handleCountry.bind(null, currentCountry+1), delay);             

function produceCountryMessage(country) {
    KeyedMessage = kafka.KeyedMessage,
    countryKM = new KeyedMessage(country.code, JSON.stringify(country)),
    payloads = [
        { topic: countriesTopic, messages: countryKM, partition: 0 },
    if (countryProducerReady) {
    producer.send(payloads, function (err, data) {
    } else {
        // the exception handling can be improved, for example schedule this message to be tried again later on
        console.error("sorry, CountryProducer is not ready yet, failed to produce message to Kafka.");


5. Run node KafkaCountryProducer.js

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3 thoughts on “NodeJS – Publish messages to Apache Kafka Topic with random delays to generate sample events based on records in CSV file

  1. why you didn’t show how to consume this message?… Why partial information?

    1. Hi Saurabh

      Thanks for your comment. Please feel free to provide your own article on consuming the message (note: here nothing special about consuming these events from the Kafka Topic). I am glad we could help you at least part of the way.

      kind regards,

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