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Worth Seeing – The Pythian OOW09 Diaries

Oracle Open World, for this year, is done/is a wrap. A good presentation of the atmosphere can be seen on the "The Pythian OOW09 Diaries", on YouTube, were Alex Gorbachev placed a series of interviews he conducted in The OTN Lounge, which as always was a good place to hang out, meet other people and enjoy some good coffee or beverages.

During this series of interviews, besides hints on the adventures of Doug and "Polly and the Boys" and the occasional slip-of-the-tongue, good content can be enjoyed from, among others, Doug Burns, Steven Feuerstein, Gary Goodman (with details about the upcoming Hotsos Conference), Chris Muir, Tim Hall, Richard Foote. Justin Kestelyn, me, etc.

You can enjoy them here: "The Pythian OOW09 Diaries"


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