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What Happened?

What’s this?

Nope, it’s not your browser, HTML debugging proxy or broken CSS style sheet. You are still visiting the AMIS technology weblog. Don’t be afraid: AMIS has just updated it with some new features and a new theme. And well, there are some differences for you to marvel at.

You might wonder, What’s new?

Well, first off we implemented the Mystique theme into our weblog. It implements a lot of the features we wanted in the first place without too much of a hassle. Do check the the nice AJAX driven components. Also check the developer’s website of this beauty using the URL in the footer.

Next to that we implemented an AMIS Tweet: a nice way for you guys to follow our developers in their day-to-day business. It’s a custom-styled Tweet-Tracker plugin for WordPress that allows us to use a Twitter search string over multiple accounts instead of only one.

One of the most important changes is the one where we allow you guys to register on our blog and interact with us through that account. Naturally your comments don’t need to be reviewed and will be displayed immediately, which should reduce the interaction time drastically. You are also allowed to upload your own avatar and add all kinds of information that you want to share with the world with your comments. It’s also a nice way of tracking all of your own comments and activity on our blog.

More features should be made available for our registered fans in the future, but we tend to keep content available to everyone as much as possible.

Sharing Your Code!

One of the most important new features in this version is that “you” are allowed to post code in the comments. It’s still a bit tricky (WordPress has a powerful output filter) but you should be able to use the [ code ] tags to post your own code. Do keep in mind that all <> tags are made safe using HTML entities. Please read our Howto for some examples.

No more Spoilers

Well, there is still a lot more. But we just don’t want to spoil it all. Have fun reading our posts and happy blogging.


We do “love” suggestions on how to improve our blog. If you know how? Please enlighten us!
Contacting us by using the interact with us button should do the trick!

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