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Wednesday 27th June – free mini-conference at our place (AMIS Academy)

This Wednesday, 27th June, we host another AMIS Academy – a mini-conference with 16 one-hour presentations, four parallel tracks, most of them open to anyone who wants to come and visit us. The sessions are in Dutch, the location is our office in Nieuwegein, the presenters are mostly AMIS consultants and some external specialists. Topics for next Wednesday include:

  • Report from ODTUG 2007 Kaleidoscope – What’s Hot & What’s Not in Oracle Development Technologie
  • Verslag JavaOne 2007 – Wat wordt het helemaal in Java, SOA en Web 2.0?
  • Quest CodeGen: Genereer Standaard, Concentreer Custom (by Patrick Barel from VDA)
  • Demo Mercury: Testplannen aan de hand van Business Components
  • Readers Digest: Een wereldwijde Oracle EBS Implementatie
  • Never Mind The BuzzHypes (part 2)
  • Apex 3.0; wat is het en wat kan je er eigenlijk mee?
  • Use Cases – een introductie
  • Testen en getest worden, gestandaardiseerde testaanpak binnen AMIS
  • ORACLE SQL AND PL/SQL QUIZ: SMOKIN’ WATER… (de sensatie van ODTUG 2007!)
  • Could You Pass That Data Please? On ADF Applications Leveraging BPEL and ESB Powered Data Services
  • XML Business rules validatie met Schematron

Registration for this event, which starts at 15.00, is at: . We look forward to have you join us at the AMIS Academy.