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“We are a Project Company”

Recently we were bidding on a major project for the rebuilding and enhancement of an extranet system for one of our prospects. Their current system was based on old technology and its architecture was an impediment for the planned growth of their business. Based on an extensive selection process, finally AMIS was selected as their party of choice for a renewed system, based on a new and future-proof architecture.

We won the selection process because of our ADF/Oracle know-how and experience, our project approach and overall “feel”. All of this, of course, combined with a competitive price. The snag was that, while we all agreed on goals and approach, there just was not enough budget to actually do this. So the client had been looking to alternative approaches to achieve the same business value at less cost.

As part of this solution they proposed to hire only our best people and that they would do most of the handiwork themselves. That is when we explained that “We are a Project Company”. Some background.

At AMIS we, obviously, only employ the best people. But also among the best people, “some are more equal than others” and I do mean that a lot more positive than George Orwell’s pigs in Animal Farm. Our lead architects, business consultants, senior developers and senior project managers add a lot of value. They add value to an architecture, to the team working around them and to the client of course. If our clients just hire these people at an hourly rate you might double their price related to an “average” excellent developer. If you add them on key-roles in your projects they do not just add their own value, no, they infuse the team with value – thus allowing everyone to double, triple, or…. their added value. That is why we are a Project Company.

It’s also a lot more fun!

I imagine you can guess our answer to the client.


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