Tuesday 3rd June – Presentation/Demonstration/hands-on JDeveloper 11g Data Visualization: Gantt, Pivot Table, Geographic Map, Charts – with Katrina Obradovic, Oracle JDeveloper Senior Product Manager

Lucas Jellema

An Overview of Oracle ADF Data Visualization Components – Tuesday, June 3rd – 16.30-21.00, Nieuwegein

Oracle JDeveloper 11g Application Development Framework (ADF) offers a powerful and productive environment for building rich Internet  applications and is a foundation for Oracle Fusion. Oracle ADF Data Visualization components are a set of rich, interactive JSF components that provide significant capabilities for visualizing and analyzing data. ADF DVT components include Graph, Gauge, Geographic Map, Pivot Table, Gantt Chart, and Hierarchy Viewer. This session will provide an overview of the DVT components, demonstration of their animation and interactivity features, and show how to build applications using JDeveloper and ADF DVT 11g.

ADF Faces 11g - Pivot Table


The hands-on session will start from a simple ADF application and lead the user through the following steps:
1. Creating a Master-Detail JSF page that contains a form and an ADF table with row selection
2. Creating  and formatting Pie Chart that updates based on the selected row
3. Creating a Gauge, and using a gauge for stamping the table columns
4. Creating a Geographic Map with a point theme

5. Creating a Pivot Table with totals
6. Creating a Project Gantt Chart with summary and detail tasks


Katia demonstrating ADF DVT to Wouter at the JavaOne Paviliion

Katia Obradovic-Sarkic is a Senior Product Manager in the Oracle Application Development Tools group. She is currently responsible for ADF Data Visualization Components in JDeveloper 11g.

Katia joined Oracle in 1998 as a Java developer working on Oracle Business Intelligence Beans, and moved to Product Management in 2002. She represented ADF Data Visualization components at JavaOne 2008, and Oracle BI Beans at several OracleWorld and IOUG conferences. Katia holds a Masters degree in Computer Science from Northwestern University, IL, USA and B.Sc.in Computer Science from Southampton University, England.


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