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Today I was at a customer site where we discussed programming using the API for Oracle Designer and Oracle SCM. I demonstrated the F5 function key in both the RON (Repository Object Navigator) and the Design Editor. When you select an object, click on one of its properties and press the F5 button, the property details popup-window appears. It presents information from the meta-model regarding the currently selected object and property. It indicates the internal identifiers, both ivid and irid, for the object, the name of the internal table (and indirectly view) holding the element, the name of the view-column to be used to access the property in the CI-view as well as the underlying table column. It also shows the actual internal value of the property – that may deviate from the value displayed in the property editor. I made a small contribution by solliciting the following features with the developer of the RON (Sue Pratt in particular): allow us to select and copy the (impossibly long) irid and ivid values to the clipboard so they can be used in SQL queries. (try typing: select * from ci_table_definitions where irid= 1788113495922626651612901832990322102)

I sort of assumed that everyone interested in Designer API stuff knows about this window and feature so I never thought about writing it up. Apparently this is not the case. Hence this post.

3 thoughts on “Tip for Oracle Designer API programming

  1. Hi Lucas,

    I was kidding 🙂

    I’m doing well – thanks.
    Still in Support, but now for J2EE, as the sun wasn’t shining anymore for SCM…


  2. Didier,

    Maybe memory serves me wrong here. I have certainly wished for it, I thought I had discussed it with Sue before they implemented it but then again I may have thanked them when they did implement it. Still, I feel I made some sort of contribution… Thanks for your work in any case: it has been a very welcome feature! Good to see you again – sorry I did not reply to your email the other day. I hope you are doing extremely well.


  3. Hi Lucas,

    I though I was the one who asked Sue to be able to copy the IDs in the clipboard (Bugs 825364 & 1160577) 😉

    Note that in the early releases of Designer, we had buttons ‘Model’ and ‘API’ to directly navigate to the corresponding View and Package in the Model documentation.
    We had to remove these buttons for the documentation accessibility (US ADA and 501 compliancy).

    However, the documentation is still available on OTN.
    See “Repository and API Model Reference Guide” on page http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/designer/documentation.html



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