Third AJAX article published by IBM

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Recently, IBM released two articles about AJAX on their website, called Mastering AJAX, Part 1: Introduction to Ajax and Mastering AJAX, Part 2: Make asynchronous requests with JavaScript and Ajax. Now, the third article has been released, called Mastering AJAX, Part 3: Advanced Requests and Responses in Ajax.

In this third article, author Brett McLaughlin focuses on some of the problems you may encounter sending requests to your web server. Different browsers may respond differently to responses sent by web servers triggered by HttpRequests. The rest of the article focuses on checking for error messages sent to you by your web server and indentifying the cause of these messages. Absolutely worth checking out if you’d like to create an advanced AJAX application and need a means to debug it.

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  1. Brett McLaughlin makes some interesting points in his article actually. I’d definitely recommend his article as well, if you’re interested in creating a more complex AJAX app.
    Bob from architect cape town

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