(the slides from) Reaching out from PL/SQL (Oracle Open World 2011)

Lucas Jellema

That was a fun presentation to do. I just completed my Reaching out from PL/SQL presentation – in a large room with quite a lot of people. I liked doing that – and the talking database always gets people! Note: I finished a little early (four minutes left at the end?!) Then a queue of about 10 people formed to ask for additional details. Below are the slides from this session.

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(The slides from) Don't Call us, We'll Push you - on Cross Tier Push Architecture (JavaOne 2011)

I just completed my Birds of a Feather session at JavaOne 2011 about Push in an enterprise application architecture. Over 150 attendees were in the audience, many of them asking questions afterwards. It felt like it went well. The slides for this session are below. I will post source code […]
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