The Christmas Present has arrived: the Oracle 11g Fusion Middleware technology preview

Lucas Jellema

It was promised at Oracle Open World by Thomas Kurian, just over a month ago. And now Oracle delivers on that promise: the Fusion Middleware 11g Technology Preview at .....

It seems that all roads lead to Rome: simply download JDeveloper 11g TP 3 and you are also set for SOA Suite and WebCenter. The links shown in the image below also provide access to some documentations, tutorials and how-to’s. 

I will download forthwith and let you know about my experiences! Happy Christmas.

and after unzipping:

When creating a new Application, there is additional choice of technology template:

Notice the options SOA Application, WebCenter Application and WebCenter Portlet Application.

Note: for installing the SOA Suite infrastructure, you’ll need a Database, and not just any database: either Oracle 10g XE ( or SE/EE patched: Oracle Enterprise Database 10gR1 (10.1.x) and are NOT supported – you must apply the patch for the Oracle Enterprise 10g database. As I was still at, I had to download and install Patch 5337014 which takes 10.2.0.x to

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