That's Rich! Putting a smile on ADF Faces (presenting at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009) html

That's Rich! Putting a smile on ADF Faces (presenting at ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009)


The ODTUG Kaleidoscope 2009 conference started on Sunday with four parallel symposia followed by a stunning demonstration of the upcoming Fusion Applications product based on Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g (including the most visible parts: WebCenter and ADF) – more on that presentation in a later blog. On Monday I did my two presentations – the first of which was titled:"That’s Rich! Putting a smile on ADF Faces". In this presentation I tried to explain what support ADF Faces (11g Rich Client) provides for creating really rich User Interfaces. Duncan Mills graciously had allowed me to present using the upcoming JDeveloper release (internal code name Bulldog) that is part of the 1st July launch of Oracle Fusion Middleware, and it allowed me to show off some of the new stuff.

ADF web applications have been hailed as productive to develop and functionally complete. However, ADF 11g RichFaces makes them visually attractive, rich and really Web 2.0 too. This presentation is about enriching ADF Web applications with 11g RichFaces. It discusses features, components, containers, events and behaviors that ADF developers now have at their disposal and how to best use them. Key topics: panelsplitter, accordion, popup, menu, skinning, charts, Server-Push, AJAX-PPR-client-server-interaction, client events API, customization. 

One of the reason why I personally like ADF Faces 11g so much, is because it is the first software development technology ever that allows me (with all my personal handicaps) to develop user interfaces that are not only functionally useful but that look good as well. And if I can manage that, so can you probably.

Note: in later blogs that I can start publishing on July 1st I will go into detail of some the new features in the Bulldog release.


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