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Sun and Oracle intensify cooperation

Last week, Sun and Oracle announced a 20+ year period of more intense cooperation. According to this link Sun and Oracle will forcus on these three main areas:

  • Collaboration on Java technology, with Oracle’s continued commitment to Java technology for the next 10 years
  • Oracle’s endorsement of the NetBeans IDE, which will fuel
    innovation through open source software and community-based development
  • Offering the leading real-world performance of Oracle databases and
    business applications on Sun’s hot x64 processor-based servers,
    multicore UltraSPARC processor-based servers, and storage systems

This has lead to some speculation within AMIS. On January 12 we had one of our Knowledge Center evenings and one of the discussions was about the future of JDeveloper. The above announcement may indicate that JDeveloper will cease to exist in the end. However, Thomas Kurian says on this OTN article

"We are currently leading three different groups
within the Eclipse Foundation for Java and BPEL technologies, and we
are actively involved in integrating our Fusion Middleware products
with Eclipse. Oracle is focused on JDeveloper and Eclipse. We certainly
think Sun’s NetBeans initiative is important in the marketplace, and
we’re watching it very closely. But as of right now, Oracle is focused
on JDeveloper and Eclipse and we have no plans to adopt either NetBeans
or any of its technology. Any statements to the contrary by anyone else
in the industry are not true."

So, I guess JDeveloper will still be a point of focus for Oracle. So, would anyone care to speculate on what this close cooperation would mean to NetBeans?


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