Steve Muench publishes tutorial for JHeadstart 10.1.3 for ADF Faces

Steve Muench has published the 10.1.3 version of his JHeadstart tutorial at: Building
Enterprise JSF Applications with Oracle JHeadstart for ADF (10.1.3) –
A step-by-step, end-to-end tutorial on how to be effective
immediately with J2EE application development using Oracle
. This tutorial is step by step demonstration of
the power of JHeadstart. Developing ADF (Faces) applications is relatively simple and productive compared to many alternative J2EE development technologies and environment. However, JHeadstart adds an unparallelled acceleration – "puts ADF on rails" one might quip – to this productivity. In his very richly illustrated document, Steve Muench demonstrates virtually advanced layout styles we can very easily generate using JHeadstart. It is remarkable by the way how little knowledge of Java or even ADF one needs to develop an pretty advanced application…

For everyone not already familiar with JHeadstart 10.1.3 for ADF Faces, this is document provides an excellent opportunity to see what JHeadstart has to offer, as told by Oracle ACE Steven Muench, Mr. Oracle ADF and long time JHeadstart fan. Note: very shortly, the JHeadstart 10.1.3 Preview will be made available on JHeadstart’s OTN page. This preview is fully functional; it has one limitation: you can not have more than 10 ViewObjects in the Application.

Steve Muench publishes tutorial for JHeadstart 10.1.3 for ADF Faces stackedtabsruntime