Small but beautiful book shipment

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Some new books we received during this last week:

  • Access to Rough Cuts of the new O’Reilly titles Ajax
    Design Patterns
    By Michael Mahemoff and Java
    and XML 2nd Edition
    By Brett McLaughlin
  • Learning UML 2.0 By Russell Miles, Kim Hamilton O’Reilly ISBN: 0-596-00982-8
  • Pro .NET Oracle Programming By Mark A. Williams ISBN: 1-59059-425-8 Published: Nov
  • Critical Chain Project Management, Second Edition Lawrence P. Leach  – Hardcover 276 pages (December 2004) Publisher: Artech House 
    ISBN: 1580539033
  • The Art of Possibility – Zander – Hardcover 224 pages (September 1, 2000)  Publisher: Harvard Business
    School Press ISBN: 0875847706
  • Goss – The Last Word on Power Hardcover 288 pages (December 1995) Publisher: Currency ISBN: 038547492X
  • Oracle Database 10g Insider Solutions  Kumar, Arun   Uitgever : Sams 01/08/2005 ISBN : 0672327910
  • .NET Application Development: with C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET and Web
    Services, Mössenböck, Hanspeter; Beer, Wolfgang; Birngruber, Dietrich; Wöss,
    Albrecht ISBN: 032117349X
  • Professional ADO.NET 2: Programming with SQL Server 2005, Oracle, and
    MySQL by Wallace B. McClure, Gregory A. Beamer, John J. Croft, IV, J. Ambrose
    Little, Bill Ryan, Phil Winstanley, David Yack, Jeremy Zongker ISBN:
  • Professional AJAX; Nicholas C. Zakas, Jeremy McPeak, Joe Fawcett; # Hungry Minds
    Inc,U.S.; February 2006; ISBN: 0471777781
  • Professional XML Development with Apache Tools : Xerces, Xalan, FOP, Cocoon, Axis, Xindice (Wrox Professional Guides) (Paperback) by Theodore W. Leung # Wrox (December 26, 2003) ISBN: 0764543555

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  1. I have always been a huge fan of Brett McLaughin after his HTML5 and Node.js. This man deserves the best of recognition in the field of computer programming and analysis!

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