SchemaSurf (Freeware) – Browser based tool to navigate the database

Perhaps SchemaSurf from Cobblesoft – FREEWARE – is worth a little investigation.

SchemaSurfTM is a browser-based tool for querying your Oracle database schemas. Unlike most other tools, SchemaSurf does not rely upon SQL*Net and, therefore, can be accessed from anywhere in the world. In addition to providing quick and easy database access from the office, SchemaSurf is the perfect companion for telecommuters, developers and support personnel working from home.

Developing applications in today’s rapidly changing business environments requires fast, easy, yet secure access to underlying schemas. SchemaSurf allows users to browse objects, view definitions, pull existing data (to both screen and spreadsheet), and extract by copy PL/SQL program units.

By design, SchemaSurf is a query-only tool, allowing DBAs and IT managers to rest assured in the knowledge that their developers are not updating “on-the-fly” in production. SchemaSurf overcomes many corporate security and change control issues prevalent in other tools, where actions can be performed against any database for which a user has SQL*Net access and a valid login.

SchemaSurf also provides a portal to primary Oracle-related web sites, user group information, developers documentation, and other interest areas via a non-intrusive sponsorship area. The portal reflects CobbleSoft’s goals of enhancing the learning and sharing process to promote successful enterprise using Oracle technology.

Technology: It is essentially WEB PL/SQL and requires Oracle HttpServer with MOD_PLSQL – it can be compared I suppose with the Repository Object Browser which offers similar functionality for the Oracle SCM and Designer Repository.

Database Version: Oracle 8.1.7 and 9i Rel 1 & 2
Web Server: 9iAS (Rel 1, 2, Java Edition), Oracle HTTP Server, OAS4.0.8, Apache and mod_pl/sql
Client Browser: Internet Explorer 5.1+ and Netscape 6.2+ (JavaScript required)

SchemaSurf (Freeware) - Browser based tool to navigate the database schemasurf