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Yesterday I started research into the current state of affairs with regard to coding standards for J2EE development. We are looking for an up to date set of low level (detailed) standards for at least the following categories/technologies:

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • JSP & JSTL
  • Struts
  • Core Java Programming
  • Oracle Business Components for Java (BC4J)
  • Oracle Toplink
  • JHeadstart
  • JDeveloper
  • Ant, JUnit

The first queries on Internet were not unsuccessful! Some of the more interesting search results are listed below

The following document seems to include guidelines on almost all technologies in the Java arena that are of interest to us: Technical Paper: Java – J2EE, Conventions and Guidelines Release 1.0.2 Stephan Janssen The JCS Team (2004)

Java Coding Standards


  • The Elements of Java Style – Allan Vermeulen, Scott Ambler et. al. – Cambridge University Press – 2000 – ISBN 0 521 777682
  • J2EE Design and Development, Chapter 4- Rod Johnson – Wrox – 2003 – ISBN 0 7645 4385 7

Internet resources

JavaScript Coding Standards

JSP Coding Standards

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  2. A general introduction on conding conventions that I wrote for my students can be found here. It has gone through many iterations, so is supposed to contain useful information by now 😉

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