Report from Oracle Open World 2007 – Slides from our Knowledge session

Lucas Jellema

Last month we organized a Knowledge Center session on Oracle Open World 2007. AMIS consultants Peter, Sjoerd, Harm and Lucas were joined by Lonneke from Approach Alliance to present their findings on the main trends and hottest development during the largest Oracle show on earth. The slides they presented contain most of the information they conveyed – though the verbal explanations and anecdotal illustrations spiced the session. You can now download those slides from:

The session discussed the overall trends for Application Development, Oracle’s SOA infrastructure now and in the near future, Oracle BPA and Oracle Data Integrator, SCA (Service Component Architecture), Oracle Coherence, ADF and WebCenter, Oracle 11g Database, the Event Driven Architecture and Complex Event Processing and finally the MDS (Meta Data Services). 


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