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Supermanager!? Not!

As a manager I had an encounter with myself today. Actually I had one with my team. Personally I thought I had it all figured out just fine. My clients are happy at the moment, my boss is happy with the current progress of my projects. So, everything is looking comfortable; at least that’s what I thought.

I forgot my team!

By focussing too much on my desire to please my clients and managing my team on that desire, I forgot that my team makes my clients’ wishes come true. And that it is not my job to take a decision to make changes in for example our release scheme without consulting my team. When a manager thinks it is all easy and he can do it all, hopefully your team gives you a hint!

Happily for me my team did. I forgot my job as a manager to ensure that my team has the right environment to work in. Instead I made their lives miserable by making it more difficult to fulfill my clients’ wishes.
Thanks team!

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  1. Sam April 20, 2007