PLDoc release 0.8.2 Available 20188367001

PLDoc release 0.8.2 Available

At 21st July 2004, release 0.8.2 of the PLDoc open source project for generating JavaDoc style documentation for PL/SQL Code (and now also Tables and Views) was published. PLDoc is very useful for producing high quality and standardized PL/SQL Documentation. It is good to see how active this project is! For an introduction see also my ODTUG 2004 paper Cross Breeding Java and PL/SQL.

From the list of recent changes in PLDoc:


* New: initial support for parsing tables and views (only simpler cases yet)
* New: in application.xml, use instead of
and instead of (code submitted by Steve Holt)
* Fixed: Keyword PIPELINED unknown (#939294)
* Fixed: invocation of pldoc.bat fails when pldoc is installed into directory with spaces in the path (#876225)
* Fixed: Runtime/command line parameter to skip unparsable files (#832509)
* Fixed: corrected name extracting for multiple-word datatypes (like LONG RAW and REF CURSOR)
* Fixed: unable to use timestamp with time zone data type (#971941)


* New: Ant task (#769012)
* Changed: all source files moved to src directory
* Changed: build-related files moved to build directory
* Changed: pldoc.jar now contains also *.xsl, *.css and *.dtd files
* Fixed: lower case pragma causes error (#827062)
* Fixed: dumps on reserved word DETERMINISTIC (#711093)
* Fixed: NULL modifier in the COLUMN definition (#831256)


* Changed: Xalan jars upgraded from version 2.2.D14 to 2.5.1
* New: option -inputencoding to specify character encodings of input files
* New: show types defined in package spec (#638551)
* New: Better anchors (#650466)
* New: Align func/proc parameters by the first (#650501)
* New: Add a command line options to control case convertion (#771453)

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