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PHP goes Pro

Just read on,39026636,39238117,00.htm
that IBM is officially going to support PHP (Personal Home Page). The agreement between IBM and Zend also means that IBM will dedicate a part of it’s developers website to PHP. IBM will also implement new features for PHP.

This agreement will be good for the further development of the very popular PHP language. PHP comes in place when you are looking for a powerfull web development language without the overhead of J2EE of .NET. It will never replace J2EE of .NET since these two are much more suitable for enterprice level applications.

PHP is easy to learn and powerfull. It includes everyting from generating pictures, database access etc. It’s an ideal language when you want to develop web applications the easy way.

I am not against Java; far from that (allthough that’s not allways what you hear when you hear me talking -). But I like to have an open mind. Use the right tool for the right job, that’s what I believe in. Java and PHP both have their own purposes usable in different environments.