Oracle Warehouse Builder suddenly stops working?

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Did you recently try to start your OWB client and found that it suddenly did not want to start? Well you’re not the only one. All OWB users around the world found that from the 28-July-2005 their OWB would not start. The reason is that the JCE package found in OWB 9i (not sure which version is supplied with 10g) expired on the 27 July 2005. The JCE package expires due to some US export laws.

How to solve the problem:
First you need to download the latest JCE version from Sun (version1.2.2).
In the downloaded zip file you will find four jar files. Place these jar files in the following directory:
< OWB_Home > \ jdk \ jre \ lib \ ext
In the same directory remove the jar file jce1_2_1.jar.
Rename the newly copied jar file jce1_2_2.jar to jce1_2_1.jar.

You will now be able to start OWB again.

2 thoughts on “Oracle Warehouse Builder suddenly stops working?

  1. The same problem exists for OEM in on windows
    plus and on solaris.
    Fortunately with the same solution.

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