Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 Beta 4 – Paris is drawing closer…

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Since December 2004, we participate in the Oracle Warehouse Builder beta program for 10gR2 – the Paris release. Yesterday, I downloaded the Beta 4 Release, the most recent stage in the Beta program. It seems that we are now quickly converging on the production release. There is a list of features that will not be included in the production release; this will clearly help to focus on what will be there. I am hoping for an early Spring release. However, with the software as it stands, we are quite happy already!

OWB is used of course for the design and development of Data Warehouses and more specifically the ETL processes that populate the data warehouse. I always like to stress the many features in OWB that help activities like Dsta Conversion, Data Cleansing, normal Database Design, Design and Generation of Business Intelligence applications (BI Beans, Discoverer) and development of Data Mining operations.

I am looking forward to start working with this latest ‘goodie’  from the OWB team.

3 thoughts on “Oracle Warehouse Builder 10gR2 Beta 4 – Paris is drawing closer…

  1. I am sorry: this beta release is not available for public download. You would have to enroll in the Beta test program. However, I do not believe Oracle is taking on new testers, especially since the production release is drawing very close now.

  2. Id like to download the beta version for some evaluation does anyone know where to get it from?

  3. Lucas,

    Email me (ngoodman at my company (bayon))… I’ve set up a forum for Paris users to discuss their experiences and I think it would be great if you wanted to participate.


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