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Using Oracle Enterprise Search (Text Searches)

Last week I attended a Theme meeting of the Dutch Oracle Usergroup (OGH). The topic was called “Zoek en Gij zult Vinden” (“Search and you will find”) by Wouter van de Weghe of Oracle.
My colleague Aino wrote a detailed blog on the evening. Oracle Text, Ultra Search and Enterprise Search were covered this evening.

An interesting question came up at the end of the session. “If the document searches in Oracle are so great, then why is it almost impossible to find a document on Oracle Tech Net? Even if you have all the details, such as title, author and publication date?”

If you ever tried to find a document on OTN, you can relate to this question. Most of the time it’s easier to find a document using Google then using the search capabilities of OTN.
The answer might surprise you, OTN has recently switched to use Oracle Enterprise Search, which is in Beta 3 at the moment.
When you are looking for a document on OTN and you were unable to find it, try again. Now you can get a hands-on experience with the capability of Oracle Enterprise Search.

To prove his point Wouter was challenged to find the document the asker of the question was after, and lo and behold, he found it within seconds. It was amazing. This goes to show you that Oracle Enterprise Search is quite an amazing product.

Google Tip
Did you know you can use Google to do a site search? It’s as simple as typing in the keyword you’re after, and specifing the site, as in:
keyword site:
This will search our Blog Site for the Keyword that you specify. Even though many of you probably knew this already, it was new to me. And if it’s old news to you, why didn’t you tell me? 😉