Oracle releases the UIX to ADF Faces migration utility

Lucas Jellema

It was promised and now it has been delivered: The Oracle UIX 2.2 Migration Tool allows you to migrate a project built using
Oracle ADF UIX to use Oracle ADF Faces. Most of the UIX applications that we (AMIS) have built, have been generated using JHeadstart. Since we can generate those same applications again using the JHeadstart 10.1.3 release that supports ADF Faces, we can create ADF Faces applications from the same meta data that before resulted in UIX pages.

However, we have made some post-generation modifcations that rendered some pages un-generatable. For those pages, we may benefit from this migration utility. The utility is installed as plugin, using the Check For Updates facility under the Help menu option. For more information see, Note that at this moment I have not yet used the migration tool, so I cannot share my experiences.

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