Oracle OpenWorld

Jurgen Kemmelings

Last Friday I visited the Oracle OpenWorld conference in Amsterdam. Here’s a short report of my visit.

The day started with the general keynote session ‘Technology Inspired Collaboration’ by Ron Tolido. He introduced Maslow’s Pyramid into the IT world. It was interesting, but I had come for the more technical sessions. So I was a bit disappointed that the next session I visited, about Oracle 10g XML DB, was also a rather general presentation. Both presentations were in the big auditorium. Should that be a selection criterion for a next visit?

After the lunch it got more interesting. First I visited a session about Oracle Application Server 10g: Messaging and Notifications. It was about sending messages to mobile devices. With a live demo it was shown how easy it was to send e.g. SMS messages to mobile phones with the use of the Oracle Application Server.

The last session of the day was called Productive Application Development for Service Oriented Architectures. The title was proved by the demo during the presentation: a small application was build from scratch. The demo included the Oracle BPEL Process Manager, which looks very promising.

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