Oracle JDeveloper has just been released on OTN

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The release of JDeveloper just hit OTN. You can download it at The most spectacular changes in this releases are the built in support for the SOA Suite: ESB modeling and deployment and BPEL Process Design, Test and Deployment. This version adds many other new features including a new look and feel, a greatly improved
coding environment with extensive refactoring options, support for the latest
Java standards (J2SE 5.0, J2EE 1.4, EJB 3.0), and visual JSF development. A
visual and declarative approach and the improved Oracle Application Development
Framework (Oracle ADF) work together to simplify application development and
reduce mundane coding tasks, offering developers unparalleled productivity regardless
of their choice of technology stacks and deployment platforms.

Oracle JDeveloper ( extends the IDE features from the previous release
by adding integrated SOA development tools to provide an Integrated Service
Environment workbench. In particular, BPEL (Business Process Execution Language)
and ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) tooling is now fully integrated into JDeveloper.
In addition, JDeveloper’s core IDE features for EJB 3 and JPA (Java Persistence
API) have been extended, and made fully up to date with the final EJB 3 specification.

Working with EJB 3.0 JPA (Java Persistence API) in JDeveloper is....
a treat: a wizard to create fully annotated Entities from database tables and views, code coach within annotations, generation and synchronization of the persistence.xml file (for SE deployment and stand-alone testing) and more. Most of what the Dali Eclipse plugin has to offer is here as well (maybe even using the same code base, as Oracle played a major part in creating the Dali plugin.

By the way: The latest JHeadstart build (Service Update 1, Build 97) is also certified against the release of JDeveloper.


Documentation is at:  Including the new features overview:

List of bug-fixes in JDeveloper  

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  1. Hardly fully annotated entities in JDeveloper – there is no way to add support for sequences, version tags, additional named queries etc (the create entity not from db tables does some of these). Unfortunately (see the JPA spec means that if you add an ORM.xml file to decorate your classes with these then for those entities, the annotations generated are ignored. This means that the “create entities from database tables” has limited value as you end up replicating all the significant annotations in orm.xml. Oh dear.

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