Oracle introduces free database development tool html

Oracle introduces free database development tool

Oracle recently released its first production version of a graphical database development tool called “SQL Developer” (version 1.0) – formerly project Raptor.
If you have ever worked with Oracle Jdeveloper you will find that SQL Developer has the same look and feel.
With this tool you are able to browse database objects, view and edit table data, run SQL statements, edit and debug PL\SQL statements.
There is also a “Reports” section in which one can select some basic database catalog views, very handy.
SQL Developer supports database from 9.2 and later (including XE).
The tool has been developed in Java and therefore supports Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems.
Connecting to databases is done via the JDBC Thin driver which means that an Oracle client is not required.

The best news is that SQL Developer is FREE
All one needs to do is download SQL Developer from Oracle (54Mb), unzip the file and then run the executable (no installation required), it’s that simple.

SQL Developer does not have the same functionality as Toad or PL-SQL Developer but there again it’s only the first release.
Oracle provides an extension development kit with which (companies) can build their own extensions and of coarse Oracle will be developing extra extensions too (I wonder if these too will be free).

To sum it up, we have a development tool that:

  • Works on Windows, Linux and Mac OS.
  • Does not need an Oracle client to connect to the database.
  • Is able to view data objects, edit tables, run SQL statements, edit and debug PL\SQL and the list goes on….
  • Has a development kit with which you are able to develop your own extensions.
  • And it’s FREE

I think Toad has something to be worried about. SQL Developer has alot of potential.


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