Oracle e-Business Suite/Fusion Applications and SAP both hot pluggable … ?

For a long time Oracle e-Business Suite was 100% Oracle. 
Running Oracle e-Business Suite meant Oracle for the application, the middle tier and the database.  
In future releases this might be a little bit different.
The hot-pluggable options of the Fusion-strategy enable customers to be more flexible in defining the configuration they desire.
Oracle is aware of the fact that customers do have applications of different vendors and that’s why Oracle offers more configuration flexibility.
Just an extra service …Smiley
Oracle is nog the only one offering flexibility.
SAP customers already combine SAP with the best components of other Software-vendors.
Were you aware of the fact that more than 70% of the SAP-customers is running SAP on an Oracle database ?
So, SAP doesn’t seem to be 100% SAP always. 
The Oracle database is an important component for a lot of the SAP-customers.
Is database-flexibility a first step in SAP’s "hot pluggable"  strategy ?
I doubt …